Beyond Manufacturing, LLC is a specialty equipment company that supplies turn-key solutions to organizations who want to efficiently manufacture printed packaging samples. Our print on demand solutions are custom configured to match what our customers want.  Equipment solutions range from providing systems for one-off samples using extended gamut printers for proofing purposes to setting up systems that make it possible to manufacture micro-run marketing samples on packaging stocks ranging from label materials, to flexible packaging laminations, metalized materials and most folding carton stocks.

We utilize the latest software/printers/cutters along with our proprietary stock handling devices that we design and manufacture to enable a variety of ink-jet devices to run unattended for extended periods of time, often 24 hours per day giving them much higher throughput than stand-alone ink jet equipment.  Our equipment allows owners to handle larger rolls of stock from 12”-36” diameter and up to 54” or even 64” wide.  Our equipment also facilitates multi-pass operations while holding very fine “print to print” and “print to cut” registration.  We have a wide variety of material handling equipment like air tables for large flat stock a unique fork lift for handling roll stock. 


Beyond Manufacturing utilizes Roland printers because of their robust industrial design.  Roland ink jet equipment is heavy-duty and built to last.  We partner with several equipment providers to supply complete equipment packages to our customers.  When we deliver and set-up your system, you will be ready to run prototypes.  No other vendor will be required; no other equipment will be required.  These are turn-key solutions. Slitter

DL 5400UV


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